Eco Friendly Apartments in Augusta

Installed by Planetary Power Solutions

Seine Bay Apartments are the perfect choice for eco-conscious travellers who wish to minimise their impact on the environment.

Our eco apartments are a perfect fusion of luxury and environmental sustainability.

They were completed in early 2010 by a local development company Seine Bay Pty Ltd and project managed by New Wave Property (now Challis Property Pty Ltd). The goal was to construct a leading-edge apartment complex which was both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. This goal was achieved with assistance from local Margaret River architect Chris Willcox and Associates; renowned for innovative building designs with green principles.

Building Design

The design of these apartments is not only aesthetically stunning but an impressive example of environmentally responsible architecture.

Natural Lighting

With glass doors and entrances, internal and external glass balustrades, stylish and ample window configurations, a series of north facing skylights over stairwells and ‘Solatubes’ within en suite bathrooms, these apartments are imbued with natural lighting. There is minimal need to use light switches during the daytime.

Stack Ventilation

The roof lines incorporate ridge top vents to take advantage of the natural phenomenon of ‘stack ventilation’. The automatic opening ridge vents and low level awnings allow the release of any hot air build up in the first floor level of the apartments.

Natural Cooling via the Orientation

As well as capitalising on the stunning bay and ocean views, the south-east orientation of the apartments allows the ground and first floor sliding doors of these apartments to be opened up to take full advantage of the south-easterlies to naturally cool and ventilate these apartments during the warmer months of the year.

Full Insulation

Careful consideration was given to fully insulating these apartments – not just the ceilings, but the walls and even under the floor to assist in maintaining a comfortable internal environment with minimal need for heating/cooling appliances. The wall construction consists of a brick veneer with a steel and plantation timber framed internal wall with high thermal and acoustic insulation treatment. Floor construction is also plantation timber framed and insulated on the underside to reduce thermal transmission to the outside. The use of heavily insulated brick veneer and timber frames provides a light weight, insulated cocoon superior to the typical large thermal mass of concrete floor and internal brick wall constructions. Attention was also given to flashing and thorough sealing to prevent unwanted air leakage to the outside.

Carbon Neutral & Locally Sourced Building Materials

The developers minimised their environmental footprint by using locally sourced, carbon neutral raw materials such as limestone and plantation timbers.

The extensive use of limestone on the exterior of the apartment complex was a conscious choice to utilise naturally occurring limestone materials prevalent along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge escarpment. The limestone used for the apartments was sourced locally from a quarry at Redgate.

The aesthetically pleasing exterior combination of textured limestone contrasted with smooth painted cedar weatherboards reflects perfectly the splendid pristine coastal and forest landscapes surrounding the Augusta region.

Recycled Jarrah Timbers

Early on in the design phase, the developers of Seine Bay Apartments recognised that using recycled materials was a significant aspect of an environmentally responsible development. As a consequence, the timber for the external decking was sourced from recycled jarrah timber reclaimed from old colonial homes, schools, buildings as well as older commercial sites including the old Wool Stores in Fremantle. These carefully sourced, superior quality timbers milled between 75-150 years ago have the advantage of excellent strength and durability as well as providing extra character with their unique colour, grain and texture.

Passive Solar Design

The apartments are designed to utilise good passive solar techniques to maximise warm winter sun and prevent hot summer sun through the window orientation.

Energy Use

Installed by Planetary Power Solutions

Photo Voltaic System

Every apartment has its own individual, grid connected 1.5 KW photo voltaic array system to generate emission-free solar energy. This comprises of 7 highly efficient Sunpower panels arranged on each apartment rooftop using the Arid Easyrail mounting technology. The net result of these rooftop panel arrangements, perfectly complements the modern, progressive architectural design of this apartment complex.

These solar panels supply each apartment with approximately 2500 kWh of electrical energy per year via a highly efficient, German-engineered Sunny Boy SB 1700 inverter which converts the DC solar power into usable AC mains electrical power. This intriguing shiny red gadget located under the stairwell of each apartment is connected to the main Western Power grid; it allows excess energy generated from the solar panels on the roof to be exported to this power grid. As well, it allows electricity to be imported from the power grid, when the output of the solar panels is insufficient.

The Sunny Boy features an LCD display with a ‘knock sensor’. That is, by knocking the cover next to the display, you can monitor system performance with information being shown such as the total power produced on the current day. Sometimes a low pinging noise can be heard emanating from the Sunny Boy; this is the inverter adjusting to maximise the performance of the solar panels and is referred to as MMPT – maximum power point tracking.

Excess energy generated from these solar panels which is fed back into the main power grid not only provides economical gains to apartment owners, it significantly contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Solar Hot Water

Each apartment is fitted with an Apricus Solar Hot Water System which utilises the latest heating technology known as ‘Evacuated Tube Collectors’. With impressive insulation properties, this system can passively track the sun from early morning to evening, significantly improving efficiency compared with traditional hot water systems.

Whilst the solar collector is roof mounted, the storage tank is ground mounted so as not to compromise the aesthetic roof line. The system has an electric booster, operated via a single shot relay to minimise energy consumption in off peak, minimal sun periods.

Water Use

The entire apartment complex has been landscaped with a thoughtful selection of attractive water-wise native plants and ground covers in well-mulched garden beds and planter boxes. As such, minimal watering is required through a carefully monitored, drip irrigation system.

Eco-Fittings & Furniture

Eco Suites

The living/lounge rooms of these apartments contain very comfortable lounge suites which are also quite unique in the fact that they are made 100% from recycled materials. Known as the Eco Suite, their timber frames, foam insets and suede covering are all completely sourced from recycled materials. Interestingly, the eco-suede covering is actually a polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

Energy Efficient Light Fittings

Energy efficient halogen and compact fluorescent light globes are used in the apartments.

Eco Practices

Guest documentation

Our guests are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices during their holiday stay through mention of it in our apartment compendiums as well as in booking confirmation emails and on our website’s terms & conditions.

Central Recycling Facility

To the south of the complex entrance, between apartments 12 & 13, there is a designated recycling room with a set of 5 well-labelled and lid-colour-coded recycling bins which encourage holiday guests and long-term tenants to recycle their waste products – paper/cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminium/tins, etc. This recycling facility is well-utilised with bins regularly emptied.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Our diligent cleaning team have adopted the use of natural products including vinegar and essential oils in their endeavour to keep the holiday apartments free from unwanted pests such as ants.